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 I study English by translating Waka(Japanese short poem) into English. 



I wonder if I saw you or not. But I miss you so much that I will spend today thinking of you.

by Ariwarano Narihira



I won't show you where I live, for I'm going to watch you asking for my address.

by Hon'innojiju



Although I have met you only once, in seeing the crescent moon, I cannot help remembering your eye brow.

by Otomo no Yakamochi


たまさかに我が見し人をいかならむ由を持ちてかまた一目見む (柿本人麻呂集、万葉集)

I happened to witness you for an instant. What a miracle if I could see you again! I tend to wait for the moment while giving up hope.

by Kakinomoto Hitomaro(?)


百年(ももとせ)に 老い舌出でてよよむとも 我は厭はじ恋は増すとも(大伴家持、万葉集)

Even If you were to behave badly at 100 years old, I wouldn't be disgusted.

I promise to love you all the more for your aging.

by Otomo no Yakamochi



This is the way the world goes. I've never seen you as if I've never seen the wind, but I miss you so much.

by Ki no Tsurayuki


降る雪の空に消えぬべく恋ふれども逢ふ由なしに月ぞ経にける (柿本人麻呂歌集、万葉集)

I really love and miss you. Owing to painful longing, l'm about to disappear just like snow fading away in the sky. To my regret, several months have passed without seeing you.

by Kakinomoto Hitomaro(?)


涙川なに水上を尋ねけむ 物思ふ時の我が身なりけり(読人しらず、古今和歌集)

Why did I try to trace the tears' river to the source? Now I know, but at that time, I had never been aware of an endless flood of my tears.

author not known


思ふには忍ぶることぞ負けにける 色にはいでじと思ひしものを(読人しらず、古今和歌集)

Loving you is stronger than controlling myself. I decided not to reveal my feelings, but……

author not known


我が如く我を思はむ人もがな さてもや憂きと 世をこころみむ(凡河内躬恒、古今和歌集)

I wish I had the sweetheart loving me as much as I love myself. Then I would like to know whether I would feel sad in spite of such a precious girl or not.

by Oshikochi Mitsune




It's the first day of this year. Like today's snow falling more and more, may we have more and more happy things!

by Otomo no Yakamochi


雪の内に春は来にけり 鶯の凍れる涙 今やとくらむ(二条后・藤原高子、古今和歌集)

Spring has come while snow remained. Today's warm wind will melt the ice of warblers' tears.

by Fujiwara no Takaiko



Last summer I scooped up water, which is frozen over during this winter. Today's spring wind will melt the ice.

by Ki no Tsurayuki



Spring has come, so the snow on the branches may seem the flowers of plum blossoms. Dear me! The song of a bush warbler.

by Sosei Hoshi





夕されば衣手さむし み吉野の吉野の山にみ雪ふるらし(読人しらず、古今和歌集)

Towards evening, coldness is piercing my sleeve. In Mt.Yoshino far away, it is maybe snowing.

author not known


鵲の渡せる橋に置く霜の白きを見れば夜ぞ更けにける (大伴家持、新古今和歌集・百人一首)

The steps of the imperial court remind me of the magpie bridge over the Milky Way on July 7th. Tonight there is frost on the steps. The whiteness showed me that the night has already advanced.

by Otomo no Yakamochi



If I saw today's snow with my darling, how delightful it would be.

by Empress Komyo


我が宿は雪降りしきて道も無し 踏み分けて訪(と)ふ人しなければ(読人しらず、古今和歌集)

The path to my house is fully covered with snow.

That's because it has been snowing and no one visits me for a long time.

author not known



There is the moon shining awfully clearly. So the pond water seeing it begins to freeze first.

author not known



I wish snow to continue falling from now on. In my garden, silver grass is curved by a blanket of snow.

author not known



At the end of the year, it snows harder while I grow older.

by Ariwara no Motokata



Although I left footprints on the snow in my garden by myself, my neighbors will think that someone visited me.

by Jien



When it snows, grass and trees in the winter sleep seem to bloom. These flowers are only seen in winter, not in spring.

by Kino Tsurayuki



At the end of year, it snows as if snow hid memories of this year.

by Toshinari no musume(Shunzei's daughter)



If I could get out of this bad dream in a new year, I wouldn't feel sad with today's passing.

by Jien



The barrier-keeper in Suma must have woken up every night at the sound of the sandbirds flying to and from Awaji's isle.

by Minamoto no Kanemasa



I wish there were a person feeling lonely like me. In such a deserted mountain village, how about living nearby?

by Saigyo



In seeing a light snowfall, I remember the capital of Nara.

by Otomo no Tabito



At snowy dusk around Sano, there is no bower where I can brush the snow from the sleeve. 

by Fujiwara no Teika



I live in a thatched hut beside mountains. In winter, I feel lonelier than in any other season. After all, nobody comes and no grass grows here.

by Minamoto no Muneyuki



At dawn, the snow covering over the

country of Yoshino glittered so much that I looked on the brightness as the morning moon.

by Sakanoue no Korenori



Seen from Shiganoura, the shore of Biwa Lake, the morning moon is rising as if it were freezed by receding waves.

by Fujiwara no Ietaka



Waiting for the moon, at that precise moment I got blessed with fine weather. Grateful to the first early winter shower. Thanks to its emotionality, the sky has become clear.

by Saigyo




How magnificent the night sky is! This year is about to go.

by Issa Kobayashi



Last year and this year are united as if they were pierced by a rod.

by Takahama Kyoshi



It seems that all Japanese people come together to pay their first visit of the year to this shrine.

by Yamaguchi Seishi


草の戸に賀状ちらほら目出度さよ 高浜虚子

A small number of New Year’s cards reached even my grass hut. How joyous the New Year is!

by Takahama Kyoshi